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Ayoo, Everyone! Welcome to my User Page here at the Stick Fighters Wiki!

Welcome to my User Page! With greetings from my waifu, Mio Akiyama

Welcome to my user page and Welcome to the Stick Fighters Wiki. I hope to see you having a good time here...

My waifus as they appear in the original manga of K-ON!. Unless it's a friendly and none romantic advance, you may. However if you're gonna approach one or both of them with a romantic intention... hands and back off... in a kind way, unless you want trouble.

I'm currently working on something in my computer with my waifu, Mio.

I'm always feeling sleepy because, I sleep for like 4 - 8 hours a day... and I have nobody to blame but myself, which I do not regret.

Nothing else to say.

If you have anything to talk about, feel free to send me a message on my Message Wall. Also, if you may find my user page a bit, save your "half baked, dim witted and rather unnecessary and seriously inappropriate and literally insensible and unreasonable" opinions for another day, more specifically when I'm no longer around because, I don't appreciate any sort of disrespect, either towards me, my friends or even towards Mio and/or Yui or anyone and anything in particular that I hold close to my life entirely. So please, do us all a big fat favor, and keep your completely dim-lighted "haters gonna hate without an actual reason" attitude to yourself and don't spread across others; it doesn't help at all.

[Mio Akiyama and Yui Hirasawa]

Mio and Yui singing together!! :D <3

Message of the Day: Last day of 2020, y'all~

Anywho, the name is Vincetick, but obviously you can just call me "Vince"... calling me "Vincent" is something that I don't allow, unless you are Fanana or Chak-o-late, because calling me by my given name is something that I only allow people who I consider close to me and that they know themselves that they are close to me truly, not those who think so just out of sudden thought and even belief that isn't even real. Don't be delusional and don't be stupid (Getting offensive, am I? Well tough toe nails, laddy/lassy).

Mio and I have something in common; we hit silly people on the head

Getting right down to the point, I'm an admin here, as well as a regular user, chat moderator and potentially the one in charge of this place, along with this wiki's connected wikia, the Slush Invaders Wiki, despite me not actually being either the founder or co-founder at all. I just take charge of things when people can't do so or don't feel like doing so all in all. So any strikes against the rules that you may take down, I promise you that I'll take you down as well, in more than just one or two pegs down. Don't tempt me or even indulge me to come at you "guns blazing" all around.

Putting that aside, I'm still a (somewhat) fun, caring and reasonable guy, so try not to hesitate when I'm around, just be yourself... but not too much or too less. So anyway...

I'll talk to you later! However, enjoy this last pic of my two waifus, Mio Akiyama and Yui Hirasawa (yes, I have two waifus. Problem? Nothing? Alright then...). Although, don't enjoy yourself too much or I will find you, I will hunt you and I will kill you.

Yui Hirasawa and Mio Akiyama, my two cute waifus <3

- Vince, MioMayuri, Yui and Nepgear!

Gonna Miss a Character

Pages across the Wiki

  • Stickman Universe
    • My main animated series that I've been working on for the past 5 years and 5 more years before its planned release to the world via YouTube.
      • Most of the details and others pages that you need to know about that series can be found on the given pages with proper links that can be found by thoroughly going through that page alone and the other connected pages within it as well.
  • Stories from Summer
    • A side series for my main series

Just tying things up!

Other Self Cheering Things

Mio And Yui!

Personal Info

  • Name: Keep scrolling down, bub
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Notable Personality Trait: Tends to be brutally honest.
  • Country: Philippines. Manila to be precise. And I hate it.
  • Known Languages: Filipino (obviously), English (fluently) and Japanese (trying to)
  • Status: Active and in a relationship/married (to Mio Akiyama, Yui Hirasawa, Nepgear, Mayuri and Blanc)

Mio's attires from the three ending themes of the K-On! anime