The Unknowns are a neutralic species of undefined specimen who's task are to serve whoever it is that had spawned them. They are minor threat in the Stickman Universe series.


The personality of the Unknowns are very finite, due to the fact that it depends on whoever is their master that their personality would only change then.

They are more recently shown as hostile, due to their role in the Dark Alliance in the entirety of the series, but on good hands, they act as commoners, workers and kindred creatures.

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Their appearance are accurately described, except for their eyes, which change into 3 different colors, depending on what side of the Balance they are.

Their eyes turn Red only if they are in the hands of evil, Blue if they are on the hands of good and White if they are just common in terms.

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The Unknowns are just a simple race of undefined species, their namesake is say that their species is yet to be known, due to their changing moods on who they serve.

Their true act in nature has never been recorded, as such, their name "Unknowns" were given to them, as their entire species is a big mystery.

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  • The Unknowns, in Chapter III, gained outlines, depending in variants.
  • They are still the most curious characters in the series, as many have been trying to figure out, what their true nature is.
  • The elder unknown's eyes are light blue and purple, unlike the rest of it's own species.