Otherwise known as Tony, he is dark grey with a black outline. He recharges fairly quickly and attacks with a scythe.


Stony will not attack big blue even if he is currently targeted. Instead, he prefers to pick on the "small fry" attacking nearby Blues, Drabs, Cobalts, Azures, and other common enemies. His 9-hit combo involves attacking an individual enemy with 3-hit combo using his scythe and then moving on to another enemy to repeat the process. After 3 enemies, he retreats and recharges. stony is an activated fighter.


  • Stony has a very quick recharge.
  • Stony deals heavy damage
  • Stony takes 2 hits before he has to retreat and recharge instead of the usual 1.


  • Endurance

Stony can an take 4 hits until he has to retreat.

  • Determination

Stony uses a 16-hit combo attacking individual enemies with 4-hit combos. This also means he can attack 4 enemies before retreating.

  • Finishing blow (unlocked by completing a graveyard challenge: kill at least 15 enemies in the stage)

9 or 16-hit combo becomes 10 or 17-hit combo. The finishing slash is a huge area-effect slash that deals massive damage to all enemies hit. This can also send Big Blue flying.


Stony is very social and kind, but powerful and frightening to enemies. He's a well-rounded person liking several different hobbies including videogames and soccer. He went to slusher wing hoping to join and make friends. He was accepted, and quickly befriended several slush defenders. Not too long after though, one of his friends, Stwinston, went missing. He seeks to track him down and rescue him.


  • Stony is the only slush fighter the blues try to kill instead of capture.
  • Locked Stony's icon is him on the ground with his hands and legs tied behind his back right next to an open grave implying that the blues wanted to bury him alive.
  • stony is the most feared amongst regular blues. This is probably why they tried to kill him.
  • You unlock him after completing the graveyard stage.
  • He is the only slush defender who's upgrade challenge is on the same stage he's unlocked.
  • His roommates are Stwinston and Stanner.
  • His best friend is Stanner.
  • Although I created the page on this wiki, the page was originated from Aaxalae's page on Slush Invaders wiki.