He is an average human and has a normal life. He had been kidnapped one day by the scientists and make him a test subject for months. Sticktan was brainwashed and transformed into superhuman. With enhance strength, he break out of his prison and stumbled upon an island. After he can see things even it was dark, he gather some woods from the trees around and build a campfire.


He was wearing blue pants, there's a capital "T" tied on his head and always carries favorite small knife (somewhere in his pockets) for self-defense.


  • He has superpowers like:
    • Night Vision
    • Super-strength
    • Telekinesis
    • Flight
    • Psychic (he can read thoughts of a person)
    • Laser Visions
    • Speed (runs 150 miles per minute, that was fast!)
    • Climbs on the walls without any gear


  • Rage Mode

This upgrade makes him more aggressive and have increased strength to knock Blues in a blink of an eye.

  • Upgraded Visions

Night-Vision and Laser Vision will be upgraded and stronger.

  • Team Work

He can all his teammates one by one and send his finishing attack.

The Fan of Wiki's Trivia

  • His name has been actually taken from the Cartoon Network Show Teen Titans (2003 Series).
  • He is one of the strongest members of The Big Fourstick
  • Sticktan is inspired by most of the superhumans.
  • He is the main leader of the Fourstick and Awesome Defenders groups.
  • He's appearance is like Crazy Jay's but have a big "T" displayed on his forehead and slightly different.


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