Stickman Universe: Chapter I - Part 1 is the first part of the first chapter of the Stickman Universe series.


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In a placed called Hope City, a young teenager named Vincent Universe is about to embark on his own adventure where he must defeat different kinds of villains, deal with perilous situations and bring justice to his hometown. Along with his newfound friends, Vincent is about to start his very own story of being a hero!

Suceeded by: Chapter I - Season 2

Episode List

This section is about the list of episodes in the first season of Chapter I of the series.

Episode Number Episode Name Description
1 "The Beginning Path - Part 1 and Part 2 [To be Added...]
2 "A Decisive Training" [To be Added...]
3 "Dawn of Green" [To be Added...]
4 "Until the Shock" [To be Added...]
5 "A Fistful of Pride" [To be Added...]
6 "First Day" [To be Added...]
7 "Red above the Ledger" [To be Added...]
8 "Darker and Greener" [To be Added...]
9 "The Triplets" [To be Added...]
10 "Vision of Invasion" [To be Added...]
11 "Too Hard" [To be Added...]
12 "Settling an Old Score" [To be Added...]
13 "Got Claws, Tentacles and Air to fill" [To be Added...]
14 "Essentially Teamwork" [To be Added...]
15 "7 is better than 3" [To be Added...]
16 "A Warehouse of Action" [To be Added...]
17 "Here comes the Armada" [To be Added...]
18 "Grouping the Odds" [To be Added...]
19 "As Fancy as can Be..." [To be Added...]
20 "Deadly by Force" [To be Added...]
21 "A Worthy Bounty" [To be Added...]
22 "Claiming a Rightful Order" [To be Added...]
23 "The Armada of Genocide" [To be Added...]
24 "A Crazy Encounter" [To be Added...]
25 "The Universe Crew - Part 1 and Part 2" [To be Added...]


Main Characters:

Universe Crew:


Minor Characters:

Hope City:




  • Each episode is mostly based on the situation or setting of the group.
  • The day each episode 'aired' was during the weekend nights, due to a few complications when the series was first animated.
  • Originally, there were 30 episodes planned for this Season, but were later scrapped due to animation deadlines.
  • Though this is the first Chapter marks the beginning of the series, the second Chapter actually marks the true beginning of the series in Chronological terms.
  • Up until the start of Season 4, all of the episodes in the series until the end of Season 3 lasts for about 2 - 4 minutes. This would be changed once Season 4 started, where it was increased to between 7 - 11 minutes, and by the time of Chapter IV and onwards, was changed to 16 - 21 minutes.


[To be Added...]