Stickman Universe is an stick figure series created by Red Tiger (known as Vince in this wiki and others). This project of his started all the way back in 2010 after being inspired by certain stick figure animators at Fluidanims and Stickpage.

The series revolves around Vincent Universe, a boy who wants to be a hero to make a change in Hope City and stop the rising crime rate there. Along the way, he meets and befriends people who later join him and become the Universe Crew, eventually becoming the defender of Hope City. As the series began to progress, more of Vincent and the rest of the group's stories began to branch out and certain storylines started and diverged from the original plot but still retaining its old elements. Each Chapter solely focuses on one particular storyline with their own subplots that all eventually connect to the main plot of the whole series.

The series was originally planned as a whole animated series until time constraints proved to be too difficult to catch up to and thus only most of Chapter I is animated while the rest of the series will be under a comic format. Red Tiger also plans to do a light novel version of the series that utilizes the cast's anime designs (as seen in their respective pages).


Note: This section of the page will detail major plot points of the whole series only in chronological order.

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  • From when it was first started back in October 2010, the series was planned to be fully animated. However, after seeing how difficult this would be to pull off, Red Tiger decided to put the rest of the series under a comic-like format, with the majority of Chapter I only being animated instead.