Stickman Adventure is a platform game that features the "new Slush Fighters" in their adventure to save their city from evil enemies


  1. Seth
  2. TRS
  3. Vince
  4. kiro
  5. khen
  6. Chakatan
  7. JamesLOB(Gastro Dude)
  8. Stan
  9. Ken
  10. Zee
  11. Dag



Seth transforms into 2 particular modes. During cutscenes (and in game) Seth will active his plasma energy to increase his speed and abilities (Hyper Seth) also replacing his laser into an energy blast. Although this may last for 60 seconds. The 2nd is PlushSeth, with this form Seth's speed increases extremely while also reducing his health.


TRS can't be played in his pure hero form until most of the game is complete. At certain points in the game, TRS can be played, but he has turned into a puppet-like monster named Monster TRS. Monster TRS can also be fought in the main game. In a side quest, TRS gets furious transforms into The Rage, referred in this game as "The Giant Caped Monster" and is fought by Seth.


When Dag gets all 3 metal containers it turns him into Metal Dag, this transformation allows Dag to shoot 3 green lasers that explode and deal a massive damage and will not be deactivated unless the level ends. This also allows Dag to glide in the air and have is cyan mechanical arms extend and attack enemies from a distant.

More will be added :)


  • Weak oranges 
  • Redster/Red 3000 (boss) 
  • Rampagers
  • Patrols
  • Oranges
  • Gon
  • Delta Patrol (boss)
  • Evil robosaurs
  • Speed redz
  • Orange bullets
  • Dark Seth (strong enemy)
  • Gon
  • Park ghosts
  • Swampy Ts
  • Ground worms
  • Pixel Redsters
  • Puppies
  • Red Stan, Orange Ken and Green Dag Stick
  • Shadow Rampagers
  • Spirit Patrols
  • Oranges
  • Strong Patrols
  • Dark Gon (strong enemy)
  • The Giant Caped Monster (second boss)
  • Red grunts
  • Techno Rampagers
  • Red Rockets
  • Shotgun Patrols
  • Electroz
  • Mega Red Wrecker (first boss)
  • Ultra Redtser (Final boss)



  1. Mega feet
  2. Crackler
  3. The deep dweler
  4. Big Pup
  5. Monster TRS
  6. Salamanca

Final Four

  1. Robo-Moose 9000
  2. King Coiler
  3. Rocky
  4. Fleshog


  • This was deleted by Seth Reuben or by me and i thought i brought it back.
  • But the game wasn't really canceled.
  • StKhen is the first playable character.
  • The characters are not in order.
  • Bosses and Antagonists are not in order.
  • Vanilla skies is the most popular level.
  • Hardcore bosses has been added.


  1. Puppies (They will become a giant dog that tries to kill you if you hit them)
  2. Power ups.
  3. Game over pictures.
  4. New enemies (Look at the antagonist section)
  5. You can upgrade characters.
  6. Switch characters.
  7. Nightmare mode has been added.
  8. Midbosses are here! Special thanks for TRS
  9. There is a movie button and if you click it, it will take you to all my animations and you can watch them.
  10. Mini games.
  11. Multiplayer melee versus mode.
  12. special moves
  13. Missions
  14. Remake in progress!


The gallery may contain the saved photos of the game.

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