A red fighter, with a black outline, who wields a massive buster sword that he can use as a hoverboard. In battle, he blasts in from the right side of the screen and smashes his sword around, causing area of effect damage to all in range of his mighty sword.


Nobody really knows where this mysterious fighter came from or how he acquired his infamous blade, and he himself never speaks a single word. Regardless of his silence, the simple mention of his name is enough to cause those of a weaker constitution to faint, and those with more strength to ward against the devil. Of those who manage not to faint, few truly know the deeds Stichian once performed, and none dare speak of them, only daring to say that the fighter performed many "small jobs" before mysteriously vanishing for five years. Though no one knows what happened during those strange years, the detail afterwards become much clearer. Following his sudden reappearance, he arrived at the encampment of the Pritchard residents who managed to survive the invasion and occupation of their former home. Though several residents nervously questioned his motives, the majority of the survivors still let him join their resistance on account of his immense power and the buster blade he carried in his hands. While he fights for Pritchard for the moment, no one dares turn their backs on him, lest his unknown motives finally force him to unleash untold terror on the people he now calls friends...

Relations with Other Characters

Pritchard Residents

For the most part, this silent juggernaut ignores or tolerates the other residents, tending to tune them out for the most part and focus on his own business. As stated in his background, he never speaks a word and merely nods or shakes his head to answer most questions.


For unknown reasons, these two mercenaries hate each other (or function simply as rivals), and frequently (and unnecessarily) compete with each other at the very least, and blatantly attempt to kill each other at worst. The exact cause of this remains unknown, for Stichian merely gives DD the evil eye, while the latter only states that some ""issues" exist between them and refuses to elaborate.