Marilyn Iku


Marilyn, as she appears in Season 3

Character Information
Alias(es): Mara
Status: Alive
Age: 19 (Currently; Chapter VI - Part 2)
Birthday: March 13, 1997
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: John Alfred Iku (Adoptive Father)
Elizabeth Iku (Adoptive Mother)
Hinamaya Iku (Adoptive Little Sister/Mistress)
Sinfero Angrove Iku (Adoptive great-grandfather)
First Appearance: Episode 2 - The Beginning of Summer
Latest Appearance: Chapter IV - Part 3
Voiced by: N/A
Marilyn Iku is the maid of the Iku family, mostly to Hinamaya Iku. She is a 19-years old college student and is the adopted daughter of the Iku family and the adopted older sister of Hinamaya as well.


Marilyn's main color is peach with a pink outline. Her eyes are a reddish brown mix (though initially they were red carnation).

In her anime design, she has shoulder-length peach hair that is usually kept in a pony tail. Her eyes are still the same as her stick figure counterpart's, though having more tints of brown.

From the first three seasons of the side-series, she was usually a little taller than Vincent, but as of Season 4 onward, she is now slightly shorter than him.


Marilyn is a very responsible and caring girl. Despite her age, she is somewhat more mature than she seems as she acts as the head maid of the Iku family and as Hinamaya's surrogate mother when Hina's mother, also her adoptive mother, are not around and is always the one to tell Hinamaya what she needs to do in her everyday life, which at times causes Hinamaya's distress over being "bossed around".

Although she often scolds Hinamaya for her refusal to always do what is best for her, Marilyn deeply cares about her adoptive younger sister regardless and has stated a few times before that she will always put her ahead of herself and would not think twice of risking her life just for her's. She is very loyal and loving to Hinamaya, with whom has mutual feelings for her as well as respect due to the amount of hardwork Marilyn has put up just for her own sake. However, she is contrasts Hinamaya's "natural laziness". Unlike Hinamaya, who mostly stays indoors and plays video games or read her favorite comic materials, Marilyn is the one to always take care of the housework but is not above from telling Hinamaya to get out and move around to avoid becoming underactive to the point of becomng way too reliable on others and not doing anything for herself.


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Season 3

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Season 4

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  • Marilyn is katsaridaphobic
    • As revealed in Season 3, she is also arachnophobic and vermiphobic.
  • Marilyn's initial maid outfit during the first season of the side series was inspired from Maria's maid outfit from the Hayate The Combat Butler! series.