Francis Bowman is a student and a member of Slush Invaders. He is a graduating student but also a fighter in Slush Invaders. He is the youngest fighter, only 13 years old


He is an introvert that actually isn't much of an introvert. He has much of a usual little girl's personality, energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous. He also has an IQ of 167, more than Albert Einstein's IQ, making him the brains of the Fighters.


He's pretty petite for a boy. During his past life, he had long hair, which reached his shoulder. Because of this, he is always mistaken for a girl because of his voice, looks and attitude. The current outfit is the only thing keeping him out of the gender misunderstanding

His normal outfit consists of a school uniform, jeans and shoes. He always has his ID as always to make sure people remember him. He also keeps his hair groomed like a gentleman, which is why everyone in his class adored him. In his neutral form, he wears a normal yellow t-shirt without any marks and his usual jeans but it's double sided and he still wears the usual shoes he has. He wears a belt to make sure the jeans are tight and fit for him.