Black 2015 to 2030 will be his own series. He will star in his own sci-fi 3 hour movie witha bunch of new enemies and he will star in his all new series of animations and a comic book. He has new enemies and new adventures but has the same friends.


All stickmen with powers were captured, only few Fighters were left and they will save the other Fighters that were captured. Zel was the leader of all bad guys and was obsessed of capturing all fighters. Zee, Ken, TRS, Chakatan, StiCarson, Dag, Stan, Vince and Black were the only hope (and some characters that i never mentioned).

Some fight scenes (i won't show all fight scenes so theres a little spoiler)

  1. Zel vs. Vash
  2. Zee vs. all minions
  3. Carson vs. Wing (all the monsters from Sticks Unleashed are now 5-6 feet tall)
  4. Ang and Moc vs. Khen and Vince
  5. Chakatan vs. evil TRS
  6. Black vs. Ken and Stan
  7. Dag vs. Spi
  8. Stan vs. Macro (3 macro bots which is 6.7 feet tall)
  9. Black and Zee vs. Robots
  10. Carson and Vash vs. Zel's war ship
  11. Chakatan vs. General Blue
  12. Zel vs. Vash (their final duel)
  13. Black vs. robots
  14. Zel vs. Stan (the final battle).

Sorry no more spoilers :D


  • This is a now a "3 hour" movie.
  • The title may be Black but Black acts like a supporting character.
  • Stan acts like the main character.