Aika Mikazuki
Character Information
Alias(es): Lady Aika
Student Council President Miku
Akira Hanae
Silent Roar
Status: Alive
Age: 13 (debut; SfS - SE 1)
14 (SfS - SE 2)
15 (SfS - SE 3)
16 (SfS - SE 4)
17 (Currently; Ch VI - SE 2 to Present)
Birthday: October 9, 1997
Gender: Female
Relatives: Deither Mikazuki (Father)
Lysandra Mikazuki (Mother)
Oscar Keina (Cousin)
First Appearance: Stories from Summer - Season 1: Episode 9
Latest Appearance: Chapter VI - Season 3: Episode 21
Voiced by: N/A
Aika Mikazuki is a character from Stickman Universe: Stories from Summer side-series.

Aika is the heir of her family's inheritance, being the sole member of her family to have the privilege, as her other relatives have declined the offer. She is the daughter of Levia Miku and the late Deither Miku, who was the nefarious and infamous Ghost Diver of Luxury City, who Vincent had caught for his crime, who committed suicide after not being able to take the humiliation of being thwarted by a kid.


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Aika can be said to be a rather straightforward person, since she is not above taking back what she says or do, preferring to be honest with herself than to make things up, even if it does help her and she can benefit from it, she would take on the consequences of her actions regardless if she was involved or not.

She has a rather low tolerance towards people who are not truthful and will show little to no concern towards them. She is also quite acrobatic, likely inheritting her reflexes from her deceased father who was an infamous criminal around Luxury City, although she and her mother did not know about this until after Vincent had caught her father and had him arrested, and despite this, she cares and loves her father regardless, as she prefers being by her family more than her friends. She has a growing hatred on the kid who was the reason her father was arrested and also the person who was responsible as to why her father committed suicide within Luxury City's Prison, showing a rather aggressive side whenever that specific detail is reminded on her.

Aika is also quite smart, being one of Luxury Summer High's most well-known students, which earned her a place within the Student Council there. Despite her personality, she is still willing to help others, especially when it comes to studying, as she gladly helped Vincent study for his make-up exam despite her seeing him as a very incompetent and useless butler towards Hinamaya, remarking that he is hopeless because of the ongoing predicaments that are happening around him, although she does understand why these happen and knows that he doesn't really intend to do them on purpose or even want them to happen in the first place.


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Season 1

Aika first appears in the eight episode of the first season, where she scolds Hinamaya for once again being late for her class but pardons here yet again. There, she meets her new butler, Vincent Universe, who is also attending Luxury Summer High in order to redeem his failed grades in Science last school year.

Season 2

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Season 3

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Get Your K-On!

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Season 4

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